John expressed a passion for drawing from a young age, but it wasnʼt until much later in life, after pursuing a career in the printing industry, that he rediscovered his artistic flair.  He manages to capture the natural beauty and diversity of the Dorset land/ seascapes from many different perspectives. His sensitivity to prevailingconditions - light and shade, weather and season – aided by good observation and sound composition are qualities which are evident in his work. He has the ability to use colour and perspective effectively, producing atmospheric and evocative pieces of art.John relocated to Dorset in 1996. From his studio in Bridport he often takes trips out to produce small sketches of the surrounding area. These sketches are then retained to fire up ideas for further paintings. He enjoys working on a large scale, using many surfaces from board/watercolour paper to 48 inch canvases using large brushes to map-in the structure and tone of the work.Using mixed media,collage, oils and watercolour, John is able to explore various techniques to great effect.Johnʼs work has been accepted at the prestigious Bath Artists annual show at the Victoria Gallery Bath for the last four years. He also exhibits at the Pelly Gallery Lyme Regis as well as Cove Gallery Weymouth. 

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