After a career in health care I came to painting in 2000 as a result of illness curtailing other activities. I found it to be a way a finding a new direction in my life and a positive force in my recovery.  I have worked with a number of prominent South West artists to develop my practice, these include, Paul Wadsworth, Mark Spray, Jessie Leroy Smith and Mark Surridge. I completed an art history degree with the Open University in 2010 which I have found to be very helpful I understanding the process of art development.I have been exhibiting and selling my work since 2008. I make work out in the landscape whenever possible  and draw inspiration from the wild Cornish coast where I live, from the Shetlands and Dartmoor where I visit often. I have just returned from a painting trip to Barra in the Outer  Hebrides.  It is these elemental places which make me want to paint, wild weather seems to create so much energy in the work.My process involves integrating myself into the landscape by walking and observing, I then make small studies, feeling my way into the work. I look for abstract form and use colour as my primary tool to convey the emotions the landscape evokes for me.   I work with acrylics, ink, local materials and oils making new layers on the work producing a painting with depth and texture.I participate in Cornwall Open Studios and have been exhibiting at Harbour House, Kingsbridge in three person exhibitions with Anne Scarratt and Christine Linfield since 2010. This year I had a painting accepted for the South West Academy. 

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