Rosemary Bonney is a landscape artist living on the edge of Dartmoor and working from her studio in Holne.  She has drawn and painted most of her life but began painting seriously over 10 years ago after a career as a scientist.  She is self-taught.Rosemary is passionate about the landscape of Dartmoor, which provides her with an endless source of inspiration.  She is attracted to the wilder, less visited areas of the moor and the fleeting moods and dramatic light changes that the unpredictable weather brings.  She also paints the more intimate aspects of the landscape, namely the profusion of wild flowers typical of the Devon countryside.Many of her paintings have been produced using acrylics supplemented with oil pastels, pens, pencils and natural elements such as moorland grasses and sand. She uses rags, fingers, brushes and palette knives to apply the paint preferring a ‘hands on’ approach.However Rosemary has now returned to oils with a shift in style to a more contemporary approach.  She superimposes glazes of colour on the painting to achieve an overall glow to the canvas developing a semi-abstracted style which is finished with sparingly used touches of solid paint.The coastal areas of South Devon and Cornwall also attract her attention and seascapes feature in her work.  She is also developing a series of paintings from her travels to the Hebrides.

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