Originally from Chelmsford in Essex, I moved to Exeter in 1995 to attend university and have lived here since. Over the last 20 years I have worked in a wide range of creative roles including architectural illustration, graphic design, interior design, signwriting and fine art. This has required me to become fluent with a variety of media, both traditional and digital, which continue to affect the work I am now producing.In 2011 I made the decision to concentrate my efforts on landscape painting in oils, as it is the medium and genre that is most challenging and rewarding for me. It gives me a perfect excuse to explore the beautiful Devon landscape and sketch outdoors, whilst also leaving room for a more illustrative approach back at my studio.My painting style is driven by a fascination with the 2d representation of 3d space, and objects within it. Influenced by my experience of architectural and landscape modelling, elements within the paintings are simplified in recognition of the patterns and rules which govern the structure of both man-made and natural features. This, coupled with a hyper-real approach to detail leads to paintings in which a contemporary space can be experienced and explored; familiar yet novel, and unencumbered by an enforced narrative.

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