Suzie’s figurative animal sculptures have gained great acclaim over the last 26 years and are now on  sale  through shops  and galleries both in the UK and abroad.  She  has  undertaken many private and business commissions including sculpture exhibits for a   museum   in  Taiwan  and  the  public  installation of  Nelson  the  Seal  at  Looe Harbour in Cornwall. Her work reflects her own fascination with an animal’s character and form.   Suzie  produces work to aid several animal charities, but the plight of the moon  bears  has  become  her  most  overriding concern. Her commitment to Animals Asia has already resulted in donations of many limited-edition sculptures and her design of Hope of Freedom (the Animals Asia elephant in the 2010 London Elephant Parade) and her Moonstruck exhibition in 2012 which followed her visit to the bear sanctuary in China have raised substantial funds for the charity.  Suzie  says, “To express what it means to me to help these bears is almost impossible to put into words. I know I am completely under the bears’ spell and will do what I can for them in my own small way and I know I will always wish it could be more.”   Made  in  ceramic  and then cast in resins, pewter or hot foundry bronze,  her  sculptures  are  suitable  for  homes  and gardens. Suzie is a member of the Royal British Society of  Sculptors.

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