Painting for me is a love affair. I am profoundly passionate about it; it grips my heart tightly and I yearn for it when I am away. I am both a dreamer and a believer. I feel things with a burning intensity and my canvas provides a container for these huge emotions. My work is largelyinspired by the gentle hills and the singing rainbows of tumbling flora bundant in the hedgerows around my studio which is deeply nestled in the folds of Devon. It is also influenced by walking in wild places and a constant curiousity of the world. Seduced by color I perceive the worldaccordingly. My palette is blazing, lyrical and soft by turns, with hot, vibrant and cooler hues inspired by the many journeys I have made. Imagesare mirrors of internal and external paths I have carved in my life. I almost always work outside so howling gales and gentle breezes have as much influence on my painting as lacy ice and scorching sunshine. The weather, in a very immediate way, directs the end result of the image. I throw, rub, dribble and pour oils onto linen canvas before using sponges, rags, palette knives, brushes and my fingers to create finer details. My paintings are a dance. I work very intuitively and instinctively, creating a space in which I allow the image to evolve and unravel. I enter the realm of the unknown and the marks becomes a following rather than a conscious choice. 

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